Nalini , now there's a cool name!

As Yoga begins to grow and flourish in popularity, and with more yoga schools opening and developing, I decided to put a name to my style! Nalini, translated literally means Garland of Lotus Flowers .

The Lotus Flower is symbolic as it starts its life in murky undergrowth in ponds and it fights its way up through the dirty waters and eventually finds its way up towards the light ( The Sun) This is what the regular practice of yoga feels like- you start with all these questions and doubts and battles ( in our own minds and hearts ) and after a short while the right path in life comes to us - we feel lighter, happier, healthier and free! Free from suffering, free from delusion, free from greed, free from fear and free from small selfish petty desires. We become liberated in other wards - we no longer cling to things or people to make us feel happy or safe - we are whole we become one with the infinite......


Fay takes her style from a mixture of  the most popular styles that she has practices and studied over the 16 years of her experience. Fay then uses the best of her experience to pass into her students, knowing that they too will feel as liberated, open light and as free as they can!

Fay's background is Ashtanga Vinyasa ( Eight Limbed Yoga, a set sequence of postures, very energetic and precise ) Hatha ( Gentle slow and focused )  and Vinyasa Flow ( a flowing creative style, changing the theme and focus each time )


Feel free to give Fay a call to discuss which class might be the right class to begin with......07847366303 or mail Fay on