EFT works by - Increasing the Flow of Energy through the Energy Body

E F T is sometimes know as "tapping therapy"

You come to me with a problem, ( I don't even have to know the problem if you don't want me to know ) and we "tap on the meridians" of the emotions connected to the problem. These emotions are usually blockages in the body's energy system. As we tap away - these blockages are cleared, you will start to feel different, better, more energised!

As we work through the tapping , your emotions will change, your thoughts will change, and many other things will change as a result.


What kind of problems can be addressed with EFT?

Heres a simple but not exhaustive list:


Fear of.........flying, spiders, this list goes on!


Eating issues



Low self esteem


Anger issues


Generally speaking, EFT addresses issues that have an emotional/energetic component. Try thinking of a human problem that does not have an emotional energetic component?

So, why not give it a try? If there is anything that is not quite right, we can tap on it! You can also learn to tap on yourself once you know the points.


1 What other kind of problems can be addressed with EFT?

A. EFT addresses problems that have an emotional/ energetic component.

2 Can all problems be solved with EFT?

A.  Any problems that come from a blockage directly in the energy body can theoretically be solved with EFT. Problems that cone about due to other reasons can be evolved using the energetic angle.

3 How long does a session last?

A Each session lasts an hour and half  at the most.

4 How many sessions will I need?

A Generally speaking, around 5 sessions is more than adequate. Sometimes  we can clear a lot of issues/ blockages in one session and sometimes you will find that you want to work on other issues as you get used to working with EFT. Remember - the longer you have lived, the more potential blocked energy and or issues you may have! :-)

5  Is it like counselling?

A  No , it is purley working on the negative, blocked enrgy. Once you change your enrgy - you will change your thoughts and emotions. Once you change your thoughts, you will change your life!!

REMEMBER - you dont even have to  reveal the problem for this to work!

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  "I had a problem with chronic headaches. Literally after many years of misdiagnosis and ineffective painkillers I went to Fay for Emotional Freedom Therapy. I only needed two sessions to disconnect the tangled emotional pain with an old car accident injury. That was almost a year ago and I have not experienced a significant headache since then. It feels miraculous to be without the chronic pain. My life is so much better". Mark, Balsall Common


Dean from Coventry says " Well what can i say?..............had a E.F.T session with Fay,totally revealing,funny,experience that released a whole load of stored emotions.
I walked in with a bag of heavy load of emotions walked out ,well floated out afterwards, totally feeling empowered,charged, and in control of myself,where i for once did not feel that i was a victim,or that people had a hold over me,These emotions no longer controlled my thoughts or feelings............Hhahahahah i totally enjoyed it Fay Yoga Flow WOW!!!
Also my back that was very sore and stiff, was very relaxed and flexible..........Cheers Fay!!!Many thanks big smiles here!