Learning to Teach Yoga as a Career






The word "Nalini" means Garland of Lotus Flowers. I chose this name to depict the journey we sometimes take on our path to yoga from one of murky, uncertain, sometimes painful life, to a life of love and peace and understanding.  

We have just come to the end of a very successful 2 week intensive this summer  2018 with some  beautiful souls moving forwards in life and doing what they love. "I have loved this course so much and cant wait to begin another and meet more fantastic natured people!" 


Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm

Then second week is 4th November 2019  

MAIL ME ON fay-yoga@hotmail.co.uk or call 07847366303

References from past Students :

 I had been to a few of Fay's classes over the years, never really thinking that one day I would do my teacher training with her, when I decided that I would like to move forward to teaching I sort various options, but kept coming back to Fay, and I made my decision to train with her based on her ability to teach classes of all abilities, and her deep understanding of many styles of yoga, not only is she a master of yoga Flow but a wonderful Ashtanga practitioner, she is an amazing teacher bringing her sunny self and mature personality into play and allowing you blossom and flower as teacher whilst being guided by her steady hand, she shows no ego in her teaching and and is always there to help and support you, and even after you you qualify you will quickly realise that not only have you had an amazing journey with your class mates but you have a knowledgeable and capable friend who will continue to support you and be there to answer your question should you require, I highly recommend training with Fay, truly wonderful experience, thank you Fay namaste ????
Ray x


See below for breakdown of course.


Nalini Yoga Teacher Training
Course Topics to be covered


How to structure a routine, this will be an on-going lesson, throughout the course. Including themes and focus areas.

Hands on Adjustments 


Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga Postures, and contra indications. This will be an on going learning process throughout the course.


History and Philosophy


Chakras and their relevance in yoga.


Pranyama, asnana, kriyas, chanting, mantras and meditation.


The Eight Fold Path and its relevance in todays society.



Diet and Nutrition, and yogic diet with reference to  the Yamas and Nyamas


Types of Yoga, Classical, Non Classical and various styles now booming in popularity around the Country.


Yoga and Science


The Vedas

Each day we will guide you through a focused routine ie
Upper Body Work, Core, Balances and Inversions, showing you how to structure a
routine to gradually open and unlock the body.


Homework will be set and you will gradually have
your own portfolio of yoga postures, instructions of how to enter and exit the
pose and any contraindications. 

Course Syllabus and Policy Documents

Once we are satisfied you have completed the course in a
satisfactory manner, you will receive the Nalini Diploma of Credibility Teacher's
Certification which is accredited by the Yoga Alliance Professionals.


We will support you 
in finding work and be with you for life to help and guide you in your
new found career!!

'Our teacher training course has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Our graduates are trained to the highest standard and are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals'