My journey from being a shy, confused awkward overweight girl into an ever changing, growing, life loving Yogi ...


drinking to yoga........ and beyond

Having been a bit of an exercise addict from a very early age, I

 paid little or no attention to what I was putting into my body

 before or afterwards. After all, " I worked it off anyway".


I was very out of touch with my body's needs. Weekends were always

 off to the local to see who could drink the most! I began taking

 strong painkillers before going out for my daily "run" as my right

 hip was so painful, with the pain running down the leg into my


So, with a mixture and regular painkillers, junk food and large

 amounts of alcohol, I was steadily becomming more and more out

 of tune with my body and I was feeling more and more dissatisfied

 with my lot in life!! I still had podgy bits and painful areas and felt

 like I was a slave to my addiction of running!



Then one day in Dec 1999, I read an article in the paper about

 yoga, not just any yoga but this mysterious Ashtanga Yoga! I was

 so drawn to this article, mainly because it had pictures of well known

 celebrities, Madonna being the one that stuck out for me! She

 seemed to have the most amazing physique, especially for her age

 ( I thought )

 So I had to give it a go, and, luckily for me, there was a beginners'

 Ashtanga Yoga class starting very local to me on the 2nd of Jan!





Deepak chopra, auther of addictions and how to overcome them,

 once said, that we are mainly all missguided seekers. We all seek to

 find the same bliss state, but some of us are looking down the

 wrong road. We turn to quick fixes to reach the state of bliss.....we

 either go shopping, or we eat to much , we drink too much.............I

 could go on but you get the idea!


The bliss state that we all seek, is really to be completely at peace

 and in a state of oneness with ourselves and the world around us.

 To know that this moment is the only moment we truely have.

 There are no "highs" out there that really last, they infact, usually

 come coupled up with enormous lows. :-(


The way yoga works, from the very first class you take, is like

 embarking on a mysterious adventure into a whole new world. You

 plant the seeds of this sedductive, addictive, calling to go deeper

 into yourself. Many people begin yoga as a way to get fit, only to

 find that yoga changes their lives in ways far beyond the physical.

 Attending a regular yoga class will, whether you want it to or not,

 will have a lasting impact on your life. The beauty of this practice

 is that you do not even have to believe in it for it to have a lasting,

 healing effect on all aspects of your physical, spiritual, emotional

 body and an even deeper, healing effect on your soul.



Go on! Dive in to Yoga!